There is lots to see and to do in the neighborhood. To give you a flavour, we’ll list just a few, but there is much more. We are more than happy to point you in the right direction to discover this authentic area of Castilla y León in the Nortwestern part of Spain.

First, let us introduce our village. With its 18 inhabitants and 6 ostriches, this is the village you'll be staying when you're residing with us. Going back in time without a time machine... it is possible! Walk through the village, visit the church, and enjoy the countryside. And if you stay with us during the weekend, be sure to visit the local bar where you can meet the villagers. Authenticity at its best! When you walk back through our gate, indulge in the luxury of today, in your room or just relax by the pool.

FIESTAS: starts second Saturday of August.

Is the nearest town and is located 8 km from a-ti. Every Tuesday morning there is a public market at the "Plaza Mayor" located in the center of this city.
A visit to Gaudi's palace, the impressive cathedral and historic old town center is a must. And of course you should not miss a drink and a snack on one of the many cozy terraces, enjoying the sun! City festivals: Piñata - carnaval (February) /  Semana Santa - the holy week before Easter (March/April) /  Astures y Romanos - last week of July

 Santa Marta - last week of August

Is the second largest city and is just over half an hour away by car. Also here you will find many historic buildings and various museums and of course shopping and entertainment are as well possible. Being the capital of the province of León, definitely worth a visit!

From Astorga to Ponferrada and beyond, it's like walking with the pilgrims, an experience not to be missed. Of course you can do these by bike or by car if you prefer.
You will come across many picturesque villages where you will be thrown back in time.

Las Médulas was the most important gold mine in Spain during the Roman Empire and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The visit is free and you can roam around for as long as you want. There are several walks. The best time to visit this magical spectacle is during spring and autumn because of the green vegetation. The best view is from the viewing point of Orellán. Actually indescribable, just visit and ... enjoy!

Historical cities in Northern Spain that are easy accessible from a-ti and more than worth visiting.
You should definitely spend 1 day in each city to admire all the beauty they have to offer!

The largest glacial lake in Spain, lies at an altitude of 1028 m with numerous beaches where you can enjoy a picnic. At only 8 km from the lake you will find the medieval village of PUEBLA DE SANABRIA. At the end of this village - which is on the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain - you will find a perfectly restored castle from which you have a beautiful view of the valley.

2188 Meters high and just at our door step. First admire this mountain from our garden and then conquer it!
Walking, cycling, by motorbike or by car, there is always a way to accomplish this.
You will find several lakes and numerous authentic villages where time seems to stand still.



Situated in the heart of the mountains of Leon you will find one of the most beautiful caves of Spain. They consist of 7 galleries to be visited, each with an impressive structure which create beautiful shades. The lighting in the caves creates a magical atmosphere and lets you admire this natural wonder from close by.


From a-ti you can visit different wine regions such as Ribera del Duero, Ribera Sacra, El Bierzo, Rueda and Torro.

Our favorite is a 45 minute drive: bodega PRADA A TOPE in El Bierzo. Take a drive through the wide vineyards and enjoy a delicious lunch on the beautiful terrace from where you have a breathtaking view over the vineyards. During a guided tour you will get an extensive look behind the scenes.

But also Bodega Villacreses in Ribera Del Duero is worth a visit. In addition to a guided tour, you will ride through the vineyards on an electric bike. At the end of the ride you will receive a picnic basket to enjoy a picnic between the vineyards.

Or how about Bodega Algueira in Ribera Sacra, where you can admire the vineyards located on the flanks of some steep mountains from the river by boat.



For the more adventurous travelers we also have a nice offer. We work together with several local organizations which have been active for several years in organizing adventurous trips such as rafting, kayak, caving,...


For example, let yourself by amazed by an exciting canyoning tour. During this tour you will walk, swim, climb, jump and slide. An unique experience! Let us know in time in case you would you like to experience one of these activities during your holiday with us.